The Movie Software You Can Count On!

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Are you obsessed by movies? You've got so many of them that your movie library looks like a train wreck? You must be dead tired of the constant chaos in you movie collection... Well, start using movie software that organizes movie collections quickly and easily.

Of course, there are many such programs, but the functionality of many of them leaves much to be desired. You need movie software which is one of a kind! I'm sure, except for being beautiful and smart, it should be reliable, one you can count on!

Users all over the world are really in a rave about All My Movies, a dependable movie collector capable to organize even a huge collection of movies. Let's see why it is so cute.

Movie Software - Main window screenshot Movie Software - virtual shelf view Movie Software - Thumbnails view

It's quick and easy to use. No matter how large your collection is, the process of adding movies and organizing the whole library is really extremely quick. And it's a piece of cake to use all the possibilities of the program from the very first days of its use. The term "user-friendly interface" is right about this movie software.

First, it's really nice. It's nice to look at and to use day by day. Many attractive templates, several killing visual modes, pop-up photos of actors and directors and other persons in collection, skinnable interface and other striking features make the program especially attractive.

Then, it's skillful and efficient. The movie software provides many ways of adding movies to your collection. You can enter the title of the movie or scan PC drive for movies or add a movie from a file - all the rest work will be done by the program automatically. If your collection is very large, you'll appreciate sophisticated search options. Forget about the times when you used to spend loads of time looking for this or that movie in the collection - now the maximum time you spend on the search will be a few seconds!

It's a 'know-all' program! Using All My Movies, you will have biography and filmography details about the actors, actresses, directors, scenarios, including their photo. You only have to choose the online database you want to pick up details from and press search button... In a couple of seconds you know everything!

It takes care of you! You see we enjoy sharing movies with our friends and relatives, but honestly speaking, we often forget out and away whom exactly we have lent them and miss the films. With the movie software you won't have a chance to lose any DVD - it has a built-in loan manager. So, in due time the program will remind you whom and when you lent the movie.

So, be sure to choose the movie software that you can fully rely on. It's really valuable!